Free-Form Example

Free-Form Example

Example of Free-Form Module – Shoulder

Free-Form screen detail

By way of example, let’s take an athlete’s shoulder assessment. The athlete starts with their arm to the side and then moves their shoulder through the full range of movement (ROM). As they do, the plot will follow their movement and  build the profile of their range of motion. The bigger the area of the plot shaded in blue, the greater their ROM. The complete plot (blue area) shows the classic D profile.

Using the arrow buttons, the orientation of the athlete can be varied between vertical and horizontal. The orientation of the screen changes accordingly so that from the athlete’s point of view, up is always up, forward is always forward.

The dotted circles on the outer edge indicate the angle of rotation of the arm at that point. The details of any specific data point – up, down, back, forward and rotation – can be displayed in the results table by clicking on any of the dotted circles. This selection is indicated by the colour of the circle changing to white. To deselect the rotation circle, press anywhere in the gold-coloured area outside the plot area and the data displayed in the results table will return to being the maximum displacement angles for the test.

To see change in the ROM, for example recovery post-injury, the plot from a previous assessment can be overlaid. Alternatively, a damaged joint can be compared to its opposite unimpaired joint through the system flipping the plot image before it is overlaid.

Patient Incidence Points (PIPs)

Using a second BPMpro sensor the tester and/or patient can mark Patient Incidence Points (PIPs) during the test to flag any issues arising such as pain or discomfort. PIPs can be marked using either the Mark button or by squeezing the second connected sensor, confirmed by an audible click. PIPs appear on the plot as diamonds. The different-coloured PIPs signify Current (green) and Selected (red). An unlimited number of PIPs can be marked and recorded.

Free-Form print screenPrinting

Pressing ‘Print’ initiates a print out of the current screen to the default printer. Although the screen inverts to save ink, it will otherwise print out as it appears and it is important to ensure that the page orientation of the printer is set up appropriately.

The Free-Form Module is available as an upgrade to any existing BPMphysio kit, Standard or Premium version. For more information please click here.