Benefits of TFM

Benefits of TFM

The BPMphysio Team Fitness Monitor (TFM) has been specially designed to make it as easy as possible for coaches and athletes to undertake regular detailed ROM fitness assessments throughout the year. This valuable baseline and ongoing fitness data is gathered without the need for a physio to be present and can be exchanged securely regardless of the relative locations of the athletes and coaches. Ongoing assessment means that the coach can spot the early warning signs of a potential injury through a deterioration in ROM and step in if treatment is required. In doing so, more serious injuries can be avoided, thereby ensuring athlete fitness is safeguarded at all times.


Test selection

In addition to all the existing features of BPMphysio, a coach now has the following:

– Test selection – the coach can decide which of the BPMphysio tests they want the athlete to undertake as part of their routine and, for those with alternative test methods, the test method can be specified

– Limit setting – within the selected tests, they can further stipulate the targets which they want the athlete to stay within or exceed and these can have different settings for the left and right limbs

– Audible alerts – there is the option of setting audible alarms that sound if the parameters are not met

– Performance monitoring – should an athlete fail to meet the conditions set up for a particular test, for example, not achieving the required range, a warning triangle appears by their name in the user list on the details screen

Test history

– Direct access to issues – by selecting the athlete from the list, a large triangle appears on the left hand side under their picture. Clicking on the large triangle takes the coach straight to the test screen where the issue occurred.

– Test history – sessions where the target parameters have not been met are also highlighted in red on the History Screen


BPMphysio TFM has been designed to make the athlete’s testing routine as simple and straightforward as possible by minimising both the amount of time it takes and the risk of error with the following:

Login screen

– Personal image – when an athlete is set up, an image is uploaded to identify them. As a user the athlete goes straight to a Login screen, click on their icon and enter their PIN.

– Tests have an automated starting sequence including a defined start position with audible prompts which helps ensure the athlete performs the tests correctly without the need to see or touch the screen and runs them through the preset number of cycles for that test

– PIN access – each athlete is automatically assigned a unique ID reference. Their PIN is the last four digits of this reference number and is needed to access their account.

– Automated test routine – the athlete only sees tests selected for them which speeds up their fitness routine

– If the athlete exceeds or does not reach the set targets, audible alerts are heard and a warning is notified to their coach

Data sharing

Data Sharing

To enable a coach to set up athletes and for their data to be fed back, a data sharing capability is used. A secure web-based file-sharing program, such as Dropbox, allows data files to be shared with any number of associated devices. This enables a coach to review the real-time test results of athletes across different locations.

All associated devices are automatically updated when connected to Wi-Fi. The athlete data can be formatted to suit any third party record system, subject to a data conversion fee. Athletes’ personal data is encrypted to military standards and access requires BPMphysio software and a Management Licence key.

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